[mini FanFic] Our Way -TeukChul-

Title: Our Way

Pairing: TeukChul

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Angst (???)

Author: vethboom


“I’m not lying!!!” Heechul runs to Leeteuk and tries to make the older believe everything that he said. “I confess to you because I can’t stand silently to see you and Kangin do a lovey dovey thing in front of me!!!” Heechul looks at Leeteuk’s eyes. “I love you Gaeteuk ah~”

The younger hold Leeteuk’s hand tightly. Leeteuk can’t say anything. Actually he has same feeling with person who stands in front of him now. Yet, he knew that Heechul only loves Hangeng. That’s something he believe. Everything that Heechul has done with Hangeng, a lot of fan services must not a lie. Because of that Leeteuk tried to open his heart to another one, Kangin.

Now when everything seems to be right, Heechul came to him and said that He deeply in love with the leader. Heechul said that he did fan services with Hangeng because he felt jealous to KangTeuk. Heechul also wanted to pretend that he’s okay and found his own world, but he was wrong. Heechul couldn’t calm his feeling every time he saw KangTeuk together.

Leeteuk still look at Heenim’s hand which hold his hand. Then he move his head up and look at Heenim’s eyes. The leader see this cat lover sincerity but he thinks that it’ll be unfair to Kangin and Hangeng. They will break their friends heart if they do that.

“Heechul ah~ It is not I don’t believe you. I do love you, but please thinking about our partner’s feeling. We’ll hurt them. I think it’s our way for this time. I believe God will give the best way for us if we truly love each other. I can’t do it now… I still have Kangin and you still have Hangeng. Love him with all your heart and I’ll do the same,” said Leeteuk without shift his eyes from the younger eyes.

Heechul tries to hold his tears. He knew that Leeteuk won’t let his feeling comes first. Leeteuk caressed Heenim’s milky white cheek. Slowly, he makes a move and pressed his lips to the younger lips. A sparkly liquid down to Heechul’s cheek. He know that it will be their first and maybe their last kiss. So that, he hold the leader waist tightly.


-The morning later-

“Yaaaa… Kyuhyun ah~ go to see coodi noona to take your costume! Donghae, stop bothering Eunhyuk! He must make his hair! Shindong ah~ give Ryeowook some of your cookies! Kibum ah~ where’s your shoes?? Go get them!!!” Leeteuk tries to put his members in order before they go to the stage. He looks so tired and his sweat damp his body.

Heechul see what happened to the leader. He grabs a bottle of water and walks to the older but he stop his action. Kangin hands his lover a bottle of water and wipe sweat on Leeteuk’s forehead. Heechul freeze and only can see them from a far. His heart break. Then he only can smile bitterly and come to Hangeng who ready to hold him. From his place, Leeteuk saw what Heechul and Hangeng did. The leader also only can smile and leave the place he was standing to do his duty.



This is my very 1st TeukChul fanfic and also my 1st english n yaoi fanfic. I fail… I knew that… (ㄱ.ㄱ)

Sorry for grammatical error… Hope everyone like it… ^^

Don’t forget to give me your comment… LOL


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